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Setup your iPhone 6 tips

The essential top 10 steps to setup your new iPhone 6

iPhone screens are getting bigger. I am already seeing dozens of new iPhones at my 7-12 school and I am anticipating that in the next 3-5 years, this device might become a students primary tool.

I have assisted many teaching staff in recent weeks, with their new iPhones, primarily to connect them to our network. But while we are together, our discussion expands into “Can I use this tool to further enhance my teaching practice?”.

Well, set it up correctly and your iPhone can become both a fantastic personal assistant, and a self directed and inclusive learning tool. Continue Reading…

A review of the iPhone 6 at the highest point in Africa

How did the iPhone 6 cope on a trip up Kilimanjaro and around the Serengeti?

While trying to justify my $1000 purchase to my wife she challenged me, “what can it do that my iPhone 5s cannot?”. After some head scratching I responded that it has a better battery life and a better camera, infact I was going to prove it by making it the first iPhone 6 to go up to 19000 feet to the summit of Kilimanjaro, and capture some great photos on the way.

Continue Reading…

Manage your child’s spend on iTunes with Allowances

As I was adjusting my credit card details through iTunes I spotted an option which will help parents who have children at BYOD iPad schools (like mine) to manage their child’s spend.

Set up an iTunes Allowance
This little known feature allows one iTunes account (with a registered credit card) to credit another account each month. For example you as a parent could credit your child’s account with an allowance each month, enabling them to purchase apps as requested by your school. The child account does not have to have a credit card associated with it and will receive credit each month until you stop the allowances. This might be very useful for the first few weeks of a new school term. Equally this could be a good way to manage an over enthusiastic app/digital music purchaser. Continue Reading…

The Digital Education Revolution comes to an end. Where now?

The final round of government funding is currently being distributed to schools all around Australia. So far over 967,000 computers have been bought, infrastructure built and (most) teachers up-skilled to benefit from the acquisition. But as the funds come to an end, many school principals are wondering if the process has been beneficial, and how can they continue to support and progress the Digital Education Revolution? Continue Reading…

The iPad can be likened to a Pandora's box

A Pandora’s Box

Developing a Digital Fair Use Policy for your home and school.

Creating a Digital Fair Use Policy for your school which preserves authentic teaching while utilising the full potential of modern technology is a precarious task which carries large implications.

Many schools throughout W.A. are finding themselves in a position where students are armed with modern devices which empower students so much, that some teachers are feeling an overwhelming sense of despair. Parents find themselves navigating a type of teenage angst never known before. An awkward adolescents, made worse by an affiliation with new fangled technology resulting in a type of popularity contest conducted in an online world…a stage where one is judged by friends and peers. Continue Reading…

Open your mind, not your laptop

A school, near to me here in Perth, has a very interesting saying:

“We open our minds, not our laptops”

The school is held in very high regard. At the school, success is defined clearly with consistent grades and diverse opportunities for its students.

The school makes its stance on technology clear: the thought of a 1:1 computer environment is both economically and pedagogically the wrong decision. For three years, I have been intrigued by this stance and further investigation has revealed that the school may have the right idea. Continue Reading…

Missing iWork/Microsoft Office?

I talk with a lot of schools who are planning an iPad/Macbook roll out. As they prepare computers for the students and staff, it is soon realised that the device, seems to come out of the box without a fully functioning word processor.

In true, and traditional manner a search for the best word processor begins, but quite often schools make a wrong and costly decision. Continue Reading…

iDay at St Stephen’s

For the start of this term I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak over 2 days at St Stephen’s school in Perth, W.A.

St Stephen’s have a remarkable ICT team which provide vision and support for the teachers and students. This year their focus was to assist teachers to reach their full potential when using technology in the classroom. By aligning themselves with the SAMR model the aim of the PD day was to encourage staff to transform their teaching practices. Continue Reading…

Sky wifi smartpen

In 1983 Steve jobs stated:
“What we want to do is we want to put an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you”.

This vision was realised 27 years later with the iPad. But this particular book was lacking a simple pen. And it seems Apple have no plans to officially support a natural feeling pen which allows for the most important lesson we learn at school: how to write

Stylus makers have provided many attempts at building fine tipped, natural feeling pens to enable users to hand-write notes, draw, and communicate clearly with colleagues and friends. But in almost everycase one is left feeling like they are holding a giant crayon and things always go awry if you place your palm on the sensitive screen itself. Lets face it, writing on digital tablets is about as elegant as chiseling on stone tablets. Continue Reading…

Apple TV, Airplay and school networks

It seems Apple are making things a lot easier if you are trying to integrate Apple TV into your secure “Enterprise” style school network.

A very common authentication standard used for most school wireless networks is called 802.1X. Placing a device like an Apple TV (where you cannot specify credentials such as 802.1X) has, until now been very hard. Continue Reading…

DoE email and iPad/iPhone

Adding a Microsoft Exchange Account

Recently the Western Australian Department of Education transferred their email technology to new services. Your email address will have changed to [email protected] to reflect this. This brings a whole host of improvements but notably: all teachers will easily be able to access and manage their email accounts through their iPhone and iPads. Continue Reading…

Application of the SAMR model

I believe we are in a transitional stage with technology; A place where adoption is hindering general productivity. We know when we have achieved successful technology integration: it is when we use technology without even thinking about it.

When you make a telephone call with your mobile phone, rarely do you think about the process of unlocking, filing through names and tapping the green “call” button. You likely never wonder at the marvel of taking a photograph and sharing it with a friend. These processes are ingrained and simple. The devices we use are all around us, they are ubiquitous and the outcomes obtainable. Continue Reading…

The (not so distant) future teacher and student

Many tools come together to assist the modern teacher in the classroom. Some of theses tools are selected by the teacher themselves, but most are provided by the school or suggested by curriculum decision makers.

Tools may consist of a laptop, calculator (Casio Classpad in our case) or digital camera. It is also common to see an interactive whiteboard in place and a school wireless network. Services may include a networked hard drive and collaboration space (intranet, LMS or wiki). Lots of cables, attachments and converters are available and training to apply these technologies is often expected to be completed in your own time or provided in-house, by the school. Continue Reading…

The importance of a good PLN

With the emergence of technology in just about every aspect of our lives; progress, enhancement and opportunity for improvement has never been so prevalent. It can be frustrating, and as a teacher it seems that you are expected to be on top of the latest trends which can enhance or improve your classrooms. As a teacher you are expected to know which social networks your students frequent, which web 2.0 technologies can promote effective learning and which hardware and gadgets are fashionable.

Through lack of time (and sometimes just lack of interest) it is hard to keep up. It is at times like these you can call upon your PLN. Continue Reading…

Term 3, PD opportunities

iSupport Learning will be running 3 (free to attend) PD sessions this term.

Notebooks for Teachers – Apple Macbook PD
I am looking forward to sharing some practical tips and lesson ideas with you regarding the Apple Macbook and in particular iLife. I will focus on the basics, ensuring that you have a solid understanding of how OS X can assist in your working day and your classroom teaching. Continue Reading…

Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute 2012

It’s hard to believe that I have been home from Ireland for almost 2 weeks. Despite a while coming I thought it would be good to sum up what I took away from Cork and the 213 educators who combined to share their experiences of using Apple technologies in education.

The event was held in the very beautiful Cork, it was a 4 day event hosted at the luxurious FOTA island resort. Continue Reading…

The Echo Smartpen by Livescribe

I’ll be honest, my initial thoughts about this “recording pen” were not favourable. The pen seemed cumbersome, appeared a little bit dated, and the idea itself not really necessary. After using the pen for about 4 weeks I have realised how very, very wrong I was. Continue Reading…

Understanding EBooks

Ebook or Electronic Book – An electronic version of a printed book Ebooks hold massive potential for the education sector.

I work at a school where we deployed Apple MacBooks to over 1000 students. Almost 3 years later and students still seem to be carrying heavy bags full of additional text books.

Clearly we need to do more to achieve the ideal, paperless school environment. The transition however, has proven to be complicated and in most instances restrictive due to the multiple formats and sometimes Digital Rights Management (DRM). Continue Reading…

Notebooks for Teachers

iSupport are pleased to announce the Notebooks for Teachers
sessions. The training days are being hosted at 4 schools here in
Perth and have been developed exclusively for teachers who want to
utilise the MacBook to assist teaching and learning. Continue Reading…

iPad teacher support

Please find below a free resource which will help teachers
get familiar with the iPad. The PDF is scaled down from a document
with complements my iPad in Education Professional Learning
session. Continue Reading…

Preparing for iPads

creating an effective and sustainable
teaching and learning environment.

  • Enabling our teachers to provide effective
    pedagogy in the classroom is paramount.
  • Equipping teaching staff with tools to
    assist in their day to day tasks such as planning, organising and
    collaborating is also a priority.

At my school we have a successful MacBook 1:1
environment. We utilise Apple wikis, podcasting, iMovies and iTunes
to access a multitude of media. But we have also, perhaps
unknowingly invested into “Apple Technologies”, their mantra and as
some describe it “Walled Garden”. Continue Reading…

A Brief Review of “21st Century Education”

A brief review of a “21st Century Education”

In 2007 our Labor government promised a Digital Education Revolution. By December they were sworn in, funds made available and schools entered into a modern and technology rich twenty-first century education. But the very concept behind this title can be ambiguous, and the transition sometimes complicated and overwhelming. In this article I will address key areas which I feel are becoming crucial for a twenty-first century education to succeed. Continue Reading…

Control Z

Putting control into the parents hands.

Control is something which I feel parents are losing a lot of when their child comes home from school with a shiny new computer. I often imagine the groans from some parents as they realise that years of disciplined upbringing, routine and careful social selection is certain to come undone. Continue Reading…

Top 50 Educational Apps of 2011

I have compiled a list of the apps which I have used and highly recommend as “tools in the classroom”. Used under supervision of a great teacher, these apps can provide a solid foundation to some outstanding lessons.

I suggest that as a teacher you take just 2 or 3 relevant apps, and really deconstruct them. Evaluate how they might compliment your lesson plans. It is all to easy to get overwhelmed at the choice available on the App Store. Continue Reading…

English and Digital Literacy

Free Teaching Resources.

Throughout the digital revolution there has always been one consistent feature of every desktop and laptop ever made… The keyboard. And I don’t think our qwerty layout is going anywhere. Continue Reading…

An Apple Dilemma

Macbook or iPad for my school?

This is a fresh debate. And one where the question should perhaps be ‘laptop or tablet device?’. Another question which i’m certain has echoed around many a principals office is ‘should we engage in a personal digital education at all?’

It only seems like yesterday when we were trying our hardest to banish all mobile phones from the school grounds and now we find ourselves equipping kids with even more powerful, ever decreasing in size communication devices. Continue Reading…

Unlisted Youtube

Uploading video to Youtube is nothing new. It’s the quickest, and probably most simplest way to share video with the world. It works on pretty much all devices, and is supported across all operating systems. Unfortunately, school rules prohibits you from sending video out to the internet without parental permission. Continue Reading…