A Day to Remember overview

Why and how

A Day to Remember lived up to it’s name, as 22 teachers came together to learn how to get the most from their iPads in the classroom.

We had staff attend with all different levels of experience. So Dawn Hallett and I started the morning with the question: “Why…?” Why should we use these modern learning aids? and why does personalised learning really matter?

With many good questions raised we went on to discover “How”. Our objective for the day was to empower every teacher with the tools, the techniques and the confidence to deliver in their own classrooms the very next day.

We delved into using the iPad as an inclusive learning tool. We demonstrated how you might manage multiple iPads, and we practiced 3 of our favourite teaching and learning workflows.

All staff reciprocated in the afternoon by producing videos, podcasts and presentations which were then presented to the rest of the group. The sessions were hands-on and by having 5 minutes each to talk to the rest of the group, the learning was reinforced.

The conversation and enthusiasm at the end of the day (over a crisp glass of sparkling!) was riveting. The feedback from teachers couldn’t have been better. So at popular request we have decided to run the day again.

Thank you to everyone that attended, the day was everything that we had hoped.

Doug and Dawn

  • It was very interactive. Very fun. Dawn and Doug were incredibly patient and accommodating. I like the two-person presentation approach as it mixes up different presentation styles and knowledge content.

    Hannah Piers
  • I really liked being able to put into practise the different apps that were shown and I really loved how it all linked together in the end by using photo library.

    Fiona Heald
  • What an amazing day! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I found your presentation inspiring and, above all, transforming which is exactly what we want to achieve with our students.

    Anne Burke
  • Very enjoyable and worthwhile day. Plenty to take back to the class. Excellent presenters and venue. Couldn’t ask for more.

    Brad Sammels
  • It was a great day. Very useful and excellent location to hold it. Very peaceful!

    Krissie Grech

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