Pro Apps

Logic Pro, Final Cut and Aperture can take years to master. Fortunately we can help you to get a head start. If you find yourself needing help setting up sound cards, external storage, midi keyboards or microphones we can help. If you are looking for an engineer or producer for your next project we would love to be involved. We already have all the tools, but would love to help you get set up as well.


Garageband is a great tool for song demos, and podcasting and jamming with your friends. But if you are looking for finer options for audio editing and enhancement then you will need Logic Pro. All audio pros understand the importance of superior midi programming, incredible effects and reverbs, and of course mastering tools. For us, Logic Pro is the best pro grade audio tool available. And if you haven’t tried using your iPad as a control surface yet, you are seriously missing out!


iMovie blew us away when it first came out (and it keeps getting better). But if you are working with high end cameras, your post production is going to need to be even more powerful. Final Cut Pro offers beautiful graphics, text effects and transitions. With many more codecs available, working with other creative professionals is a snap. Handling and tagging your media is essential for professional grade work, and learning how to get the best from Final Cut Pro is essential.


If you’re family with iPhoto you’re half way there. However if you want to take your photography to the next level, Aperture is worth mastering. The editing and sorting options in Aperture are amazing, and even semi pro photographers will save heaps of time with some important work flow tips. If you are using a digital SLR, I would highly recommend you invest in this very competitively priced tool.